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Ymasumac Maranon Davis

San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools
Digital Learning Project Specialist
San Bernadino, CA
My name is Ymasumac Maranon Davis, though people call me Yma and that is fine! Ymasumac is a Quechua Indian name from Bolivia. My father is Bolivian, my mother is from New England and her ancestors came around the same time as the pilgrims. We are a very global family and because of this we grew up in Yucatan, Mexico!
I currently work as a Coordinator for Digital Learning Innovation with San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools in educational technology. Before this position I taught in upper grade elementary and middle school with a strong emphasis on bilingual education and language development as well as worked in the district office in Parent Involvement. My philosophy about education is it is a basic human right. Human beings have the right to an education that will empower them to be critical thinkers and prepare them to participate effectively in their civic and social responsibilities as members of a dynamic changing society. Since we are part of such a dynamic and changing society, all the more reason why educational technology is so important for schools, teachers and families to integrate technology into their learning.
As a family we grew up believing the world was our backyard, so one of our favorite hobbies as a family is to travel! I am married and have four children, two at home and two who are stretching their wings into adulthood. I also enjoy writing, reading and learning about alternative healthy lifestyles and recipes! Of course, integrated in all of these hobbies is the use of technology which has been very exciting!