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Welcome to BLC16! Building Learning Communities Education Conference 2016! Join colleagues from around the world who care deeply about bringing the best innovative and practical learning resources to our students. Our 17th BLC education conference will provide you with inspiration, practical skills and expand your professional network with educators from around the world.
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Jason Chamberlin

Salinas Union High District
English Teacher
Alisal High School
Hello! I teach AP Language and Honors 10 English at Alisal High School. My wife also works in the district as an administrator at Harden Middle School. We have two beautiful children ages 3 to 5 and a new chocolate lab. We enjoy encouraging our passions of skiing, surfing, mountain biking, climbing, and camping to our children.

I am most passionate about utilizing technology to support what we, as teachers, already do in the classroom. Specifically, I tend to focus on ways to better identify the proficiency of my students, comminicate, deliver targeted intervention, and provide laser-specific feedback to each student for each learning target. Technology is instrumental in helping me do this work. I am least interested in new apps that have razzle and dazzle that seemingly "engage" the students.

My fellow teachers that feel overwhelmed by educational technology and feel their students are experts should understand that the typical student does not truly understand technology in a web 2.0 capacity. They do utilize apps as consumers, but often lack the ability to manipulate, implement, and create. This capacity is where the teacher, any teacher, holds an advantage.