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Welcome to BLC16! Building Learning Communities Education Conference 2016! Join colleagues from around the world who care deeply about bringing the best innovative and practical learning resources to our students. Our 17th BLC education conference will provide you with inspiration, practical skills and expand your professional network with educators from around the world.
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Ann Vega

McAllen ISD
Director of Digital Learning and Libraries
Students entering and attending the McAllen Independent School District campuses will graduate and live in the 21st century. Their needs will be dictated by a rapidly changing society. It is our responsibility to prepare them to live, continue to learn in, and adapt to, this change. Decisions made today will have major effects on the quality and effectiveness of the educational process. Technology is a major force in today’s world; consequently, students must be prepared to utilize technology in education, business, and industry. It is imperative that the McAllen ISD Schools continue to accept the responsibility to educate students and staff in the use of technology and provide access to the tools both for the educational process and the efficient management of the instruction. McAllen ISD has developed an innovative teaching and learning framework for increased student academic achievement leveraging powerful new technologies, providing new opportunities to learn, increasing productivity, and developing authentic learning processes that challenge students to make a difference. Our economy, our politics, our culture, and even our family life will be forever transformed. Our plan is a synthesis of the visions and recommendations provided by the McAllen ISD Technology Committee, insights shared by administrators, teachers, parents, and community members, reviews of available literature, meetings with consultants, and coordination with educational agencies. The goals and objectives contained herein can all be achieved. The technology plan is a flexible document and will necessarily evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the district. It is the district’s strongest belief that through the implementation of this plan for the use of technology, the goals of excellence in teaching, learning and effective management within McAllen ISD are further advanced.