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Welcome to BLC16! Building Learning Communities Education Conference 2016! Join colleagues from around the world who care deeply about bringing the best innovative and practical learning resources to our students. Our 17th BLC education conference will provide you with inspiration, practical skills and expand your professional network with educators from around the world.
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Jordyn Zimmerman

Jordyn Zimmerman is a student studying to become a special education teacher. Having experienced special education programs while in school herself, Jordyn hopes to become a catalyst for change in education. Jordyn has been challenging the status quo in specialeducation for many years. Because Jordyn has difficulty with verbal communication, the educational system as it was, didn’t realize Jordyn’s true potential.

After a series of events when Jordyn was 18 years old, Jordyn began utilizing a communication device to help her relay her thoughts and feelings. Technology helped bring many opportunities for change for Jordyn and in 2014, she began advocating for special education through a series of speaking engagements including presenting to college students at University of Akron and Kent State University, residence hall staff at the Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities, a Share A Vision fundraiser, a National School Boards Association (NSBA) Education Technology SIte Visit and Mentor Schools Opening Day for hundreds of staff members.Jordyn attended Mercyhurst University’s Autism Initiative Foundation Summer Program in 2015 to study psychology. Prior to that, a placement at Hudson High School and Mentor Schools’ Cardinal Autism Resource and Education School, known as CARES, brought opportunities for Jordyn to work with students in the classroom. This hands-on work experience included creating lessons for elementary students in Hudson, students with special needs at CARES, and teaching a fourth grade class in a blended learning setting in Mentor.The next plan for Jordyn is to attend college, earn her degree, and become a special education teacher. However, that will be just the beginning, as Jordyn is passionate and determined to make a difference in the world of education.